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Who is a Forex broker?

A forex broker is someone who buys and sells currencies on the trader’s behalf and provides account management services. These are experienced professionals who know the ups and downs of the Forex market. There are many benefits of hiring a broker to handle your forex trades, including 24-hour market access and experience that increases the possibility of yielding profit.

What is a PIP, and what is its relation to the profit in the Forex market?

A pip is an acronym for percentage in point. It is a tool to measure the smallest price movement made by a currency exchange rate. The Forex market quotes currencies to 4 decimal points, with the last digit depicting the PIP amount or the tiniest change in a currency pair. For example, if the currency price changes from 1.3100 to 1.3115, the deviation in pip value would be 15 pips.

In the Forex market, pip value depicts the profit on a Forex trade. For example, if a trader buys GBP/USD, he will earn a profit if the value of GBP increases relative to USD. If a trader purchases GBP at an initial amount of 1.1827 and sell at 1.1849, then he makes 22 pips on the currency exchange.

What is a forex scam and how to file a complain?

Every year people lose millions of pounds via different scams, and one of these scams is the Forex trading scam. In this scam, criminals trick the users to invest in fake foreign currencies. After the investment, scammers disappear, leaving investors blank. If you have been frauded by the forex exchange service provided, lodge your online complaint on our website. Our team will connect with you and ask you for all the necessary details.

How can I get back my money and avoid scams?

Our team after taking all the necessary details tries to start the legal action. We aim to recover all the money that the victim has lost. The first step is to avoid trusting without researching.Take your time to go through the process and especially it is recommended not to rush while investing in forex trading.

What are the different types of crypto scams?

There are five types of crypto scams that you can avoid because criminals mostly tap these aspects of crypto. Defi Put Off the Stroke, Nonfungible token scams, Fake ICOs, Scams by viruses and malware, pumps and dumps of Altcoin.

Does it matter where the victim is based?

Well, the place does not matter because we have only one goal of bringing your money back. However, if you still feel asking questions, go ahead. We feel delighted while answering your queries.

What do you charge as an upfront payment?

The payment is different for different services because each recovery and in-depth research requires an ample amount of time. Our upfront fee covers the operational costs to take appropriate actions to find the scammers.

How do Crypto recovery services work?

Those who have cryptocurrencies sometimes get scammed, and in such cases, our crypto recovery agents step in to help. The crypto recovery services work by recovering broken or stolen digital wallets. For example, if you want to recover your bitcoin wallet, we can help with that. Our crypto recovery experts will ask you about your last remembered private key or use the supercomputers to recover your passwords. In case of crypto thefts or stolen crypto, or such scams, our professional agents scan and keep a track of all the digital assets.

Do you register complaint against fraud website?

If you have been scammed by a broker or any online website, you can file your complaint to us. We ensure to review your case and perform all the necessary checks in the first stage. Our expert team gathers all the evidence and information to proceed with your case successfully. Our team on your behalf confronts the culprits and the entities responsible for the fraud and illicit behaviour. With this, we are finally assured to bring back your lost wealth. We have assisted various businesses and clients as every day one or the other person faces such issues.

How to report the forex scam?

Forex trading is not a scam, but people fall in to the trap easily. So, you should report forex scams to us. Our experts have listed some ways that can help you quickly report the forex scam.

There are several ways of reporting forex scams the limits of the EU and US are 50:1. If any broker offers more than that like 1000:1 or 5000:1, consider it a scam and stay away. These actions are performed to lure people and take away their wealth. Your broker must be clear with margin requirements and if he/she is not, stay away. Always ask broker for the withdrawal rules and if your broker does not reveal that, it’s a red signal.

How to know if you have a legit broker?

The legit brokers always disclose with which legit authority they are associated. Moreover, you can read the previous customer reviews for the same. In addition to this, there are no pyramid schemes in forex trading, if you are told this, do not trust them. The fraudsters usually dump people by talking about the pyramid scheme