Binary Options Scams

Fighting binary options scams is extremely complicated and a small slip-up can really hurt your pocket.  Scam Report Consensus  scrutinizes the specific details of your situation and takes you through all processes that lead to getting your money back.


Over the past 20 years the world wide web became the feasting ground for binary options scams and binary options fraudulent behavior.


Usually what may have brought you to their website was an advertisement that popped up, maybe a facebook, instagram or twitter post.  The ad looked great, highly professional and made big promises to put your into the lap of luxury.  They guaranteed a fast profit, giant bonuses for signing up and a user friendly platform to place your trades… Not to mention trading education.


Upon signing up a representative with a hard to place, European accent gave you a call.  They explained that they are your new broker and ask for you to send over some money to top up your account.  This can be done via Visa, Mastercard, Crypto or bank transfer.  It’s not long until you are immersed in the financial instruments trading world of Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Indices.  Your account manager explains that he only makes money when your funds grow, so, he is ready to coach you every step of the way to tell you exactly how to trade like and expert.

Have You Been the Target of an Binary Option Scam? Scam Report Consensus Will Help

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