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With a team of online fraud investigator, we intend to serve you with the right tools and expertise to get the best outcome.

Why let frauds and scammers sit back after leaving you overwhelmed? At the Scam Report Consensus, we work to find the traces and evidence of scams. We are the ones you can count to file internet fraud complaint.  Once you report internet scams online to us, we will take care of the rest!

Corporate Culture

Transparency and knowledge are at the centre of TDA’s business ethics. We aim to offer exceptional services to our clients, which is supported by phenomenal experience of disputed charges, debit order reversals, cardholder disputes, cryptocurrency transfers, bank wire recalls, as well as chargebacks. Besides, you’ll regularly find our expert advisors giving their opinion in various news organizations worldwide because of our international standings.

At Scam Report Consensus, we strive to be a lot more than your stop for online fraud investigator. Instead, we want to be the professionals you can count on for solutions and guidance for scam-free transactions.


Consumers experience difficulties and distractions when they’re involved in transaction dispute cases. This usually happens when the consumer don’t know his debit or credit card rights. Therefore, after reviewing your case, we begin by informing you about your rights in order to  help you take the next step.

If you decide to dispute the transaction, paid with cryptocurrency, bank wire, credit card, or debit card, we have the expertise, knowledge, tools, and resources to tackle your case.

Online frauds are the set of malpractices, including financial fraud, crypto fraud, and identity theft. At the Scam Report Consensus, we focus on the cases and come up with the intelligence report.  Here are the incidents for which you can file fraud complaint online to us:


Crypto Frauds

Crypto has become a preferred investment space for many investors and has also allured scammers. Crypto scams are about getting private information, security codes, or trapping a person into a compromised digital wallet. To combat a situation like this, we aim to act as the medium to register online fraud complaint. 


Investment fraud and Broker Disputes

Investment fraud refers to the situation when a scammer uses misleading information to influence the buyer’s purchase or sale decision. The detective and illegal practices often bring loss to the investor. There are many investors who have charged legitimate charges against their brokers, and situations like these are not uncommon.  Here, you need to register for the internet scams online to us.

If you find yourself in a related situation, at Scam Report Consensus, we can be the platform for financial fraud examiner and investigator complaint against fraud website, broker, or other parties. We strive to provide you with the solutions and resources to report and deal with an online internet scam.

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Our Mission - Your Money Back!

Scam Report Consensus is a team of experienced professionals who have come together to assist you in reporting and dealing with online frauds. The mission of Scam Report Consensus is to service each victim’s claim with the greatest passion and vigor as though we ourselves have fallen victim to a cyber crime.Report online scam at Scam Report Consensus and we will assist you.

We strive for our company to be as efficient as possible in order to pass savings to victims of online fraud.  We do this by automating many parts of our investigations.

Most consumers dealing with financial losses tend to have minimal options in dispute mediation cases.  Scam Report Consensus can help you solve that problem!

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